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Binary Comparisons Options



Try to resynchronize after a change

When checked, the comparison engine will try to find new matching text after a change by skipping some bytes from one file or the other. If not checked, the comparison engine only compares bytes with equal offsets in the compared binary text. Note that when some fields are ignored, they are subtracted from the text and are not seen by the comparison engine, you can thus "hide" a header from a file that way and compare it to a raw data structure.

Maximum distance (bytes)

This is maximum edit distance between two sequences of equal bytes after a change for which you are sure the algorithm will actually find the match. Basically, the larger this distance the more memory is used by the engine.

Minimal match (bytes)

Minimum size in bytes of a match. Matches smaller than this dimension are not reported. They are not searched as well, it means that a larger value will speed up the comparison process.

Roles of fields to ignore

Each file participating to a comparison belongs to a given File Type which may define fields. When some particular field role is checked here, its binary text is not taken into account by the comparison engine as if removed. You can use this to ignore timestamp fields in automatically generated files for example, or ignore differences in headers for files changing only by their encapsulation.

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