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View and Comparison Options dialog box (Options Sets)



You can change many of the settings that affect Ellié Computing Merge in the Options dialog box. To access this dialog box select View and Comparison Options... from the  Document menu, press F11 or click on the  in the toolbar.

Layout of the View and Comparison Options dialog box

The Options dialog box is divided into three parts: a top bar for Options Set management, then a navigation pane with a tree on the left and a page display area on the right. The navigation pane contains categories, such as Display, Text Comparisons, and Application. Click on an item in the hierarchy to display the corresponding page of options.

Clicking on Apply or  OK in the Options dialog box saves all Options settings, including settings made on other pages. Clicking  Cancel  on any Options dialog box page cancels all change requests, including those made on other pages. Both  Cancel and  OK  buttons close the dialog box.

Clicking on  Cancel  cancels all changes in all categories of the dialog box. No changes are saved in any category.

The  Import and  Export  buttons let you copy settings displayed in the current page (or all the pages of the current options set) from/to the specified configuration. You can import settings from the Factory Settings, or one of the options set. You can export settings to any existing options set or a new options set. Imported options are not saved immediately, you can click on the  Cancel button to undo the settings copy action. However, exported options are exported immediately, a confirmation box ensures that you do not click inadvertedly.

Options Sets management

Options Sets save all the view and comparison options, for all types of comparisons. They also save each a copy of file types and converters, this copy is synchronized by default with the shared file types and folders.

The top bar let you:

  • select which options set you edit (Options Set combo box) and apply to the current comparison or document
  • set the default options set with Use as default button. The default options set is used for new comparisons and viewers/editors, except those ran from a folder which keep the options set of the folder
  • make a temporary copy of current options set with Disconnect button. This is useful when you want to tweak the options without keeping those changes. Those temporary options set are not saved when closing the application, unless they are renamed.
  • create new options set with the + (plus) button. You are offered the ability to create an options set from factory settings or from another options set values.
  • delete an options set with the - (minus) button.
  • rename an options set. Renaming also the property of making tempoary options set permanent.

Obtaining help in the View and Comparison Options dialog box

To see documentation for any page in the Options dialog box, go to the page and press  F1 or click on the  Help button.

 For information on  See
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