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Welcome to Ellié Computing's Ticket System.

This system is used to place tickets with our support department. By automating this process we are able to spend more time on your query.

Before contacting our Technical Support Team, you can search our Knowledge Base for answers and find articles by category, platform or keyword. The information in this section will help you if you have a specific problem or a technical question about using Ellié Computing products or website. You can also have access to the ECMerge Online Documentation.
You can start a new ticket here.

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Release Notes (10)
New versions feature lists and change log.
Online Payment (5)
Questions about purchasing software and services online.
User Account (1)
Answers about questions you may have about your user account on Ellié Computing website.
Software Features and Usage (18)
Tips and tricks about Ellié Computing products.
(Un)Installation Issues (7)
Instructions and Troubleshooting about installing and uninstalling Ellié Computing software.
Running software (3)
This section explains you how to workaround situations when Ellié Computing software has problems running on your computer.
Buying and Registering Software (4)
Software Evaluation (2)
Questions regarding Serial Numbers and Software Evaluation.
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The 10 most read articles

Why don't you publish latest release notes here?
What is VAT and do I have to pay this?
Which means of payment can I use?
How to compare Microsoft Word, OpenOffice or RTF documents?
How to generate reports between labels or branches of a SCC or SCM?
How to copy a folder overwritting only older files?
Installing ECMerge on Solaris
Can I buy your software without a credit card?
Is it secure to purchase on Ellié Computing website?
Installing ECMerge on Linux
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10 Latest New and updated articles

ECMerge always resumes to the main monitor, how to get it resume on my secondary monitor?
How to compare Microsoft Word, OpenOffice or RTF documents?
What is VAT and do I have to pay this?
My company wants to go through Purchase Order / Invoice processing, is it possible?
Is there an ActiveX version of ECMerge?
Installing ECMerge on Solaris
Which means of payment can I use?
Troubleshooting installing Ellié Computing Merge
We need a W8 or W9 form for the IRS, do you have one?
Thunar or Nautilus extension does not run, is there something special with my machine?