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Installing ECMerge on Solaris

Creation date
Thursday, June 22, 2006
Last updated
Friday, November 22, 2013
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In order to fully install under Solaris, you will need super user rights. If you do not have super user rights, you can still install but it will be a bit longer, following this intructions.

Download the archive which matches your Solaris version. Expand it anywhere using:

bunzip2 ecmerge.XXX.solaris.x86.pkg.bz2

We use the pkg tools to install ECMerge. ECMerge depends on gtk+2 (SUNWGtku/SUNWGtkr or CSWgtk2), CSWiconv, SUNWopenssl-libraries and CSWgcc4g++rt to be present.
CSW packages refer to Community SoftWare, they used to be produced by blastwave.org which is now closed. We are investigating the support from opencsw.org which may provide compatible packages.

ECMerge uses xsltproc by default to generate HTML reports and comparison statistics. Nevertheless, you can use any other XSLT processor.

Using the following commands should install the soft:
pkg-get -i libiconv
pkg-get -i gcc4g++rt
[for GTK2: pkg-get -i gtk2]

pkgadd -d ecmerge.XXX.solaris.x86.pkg

The evaluation of Ellié Computing Merge requires a Serial Number to enable all functionalities. You can get a free Serial Number for Evaluation (30-days) on the Ellié Computing website. More infos.

Installing without super user rights

First of all, you need access to 'pkgtrans' tool which is built-in Solaris, so it should be OK for anyone.
If the required libraries are not already installed, you have to get each package file and use 'pgktrans' to obtain their content this way:

mdkir libdir
pkgtrans libfile.pkg libdir

the library file is is then located under libdir/[PACKAGENAME]/root/usr/???/lib [??? being csw or sfw for example], and is called like lib*.so

ECMerge comes within a package and works the same way, so you have de-package it this way, for example in your home directory:

mkdir ~/softs/ecmerge
pkgtrans ~/ecmerge.pkg ~/softs/ecmerge
chmod +x ~/softs/ecmerge/ELLIECOMPmerge/root/opt/elliecomputing/ecmerge/guimerge
chmod +x ~/softs/ecmerge/ELLIECOMPmerge/root/opt/elliecomputing/ecmerge/converters/*

then you can put this into a shell file:

# add to the following line the directories were you put required non-system libraries (separated with ':' )

NB: remember to 'chmod +x' your shell file.
Executing this shell file will run ECMerge on your machine.

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