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Is it secure to purchase on Ellié Computing website?

Creation date
Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Last updated
Monday, January 16, 2006
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When you connect to a secure (HTTPS) server, the padlock icon will change from an open padlock (unencrypted/non-secure) to a locked padlock, indicating the level of security available for the current Web site.

When visiting our paiement page (where you enter you credit card number), you can see that the icon changes indicating a high security on the page.

Moreover, all online paiements are processed via CyberPlus solution or RegNow. You credit card number is sent directly to Natexis/Banque Populaire or RegNow servers.

Therefore, Ellié Computing does not know it and does not store it in any way.

When CyberPlus validates the transaction, your items are automatically added in your online account on Ellié Computing website.
When purchasing software using RegNow, you can get your items set in your online account. You just need to contact our Technical Support Team.

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