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Comparisons (Common elements)



Ellié Computing Merge main purpose is to display comparisons (also called differentiations) and to let you merge the different versions.

All the different types of views share the same layouts. The basic layout follows these rules:

  • two or three views at the top (either vertically or horizontally) containing the input of the comparison
    Each of them shows input data, with differences highlighted or displayed in practical way.
  • a tabbed view  at the bottom containing:
    • an optional merge view
      This view shows the current merge actions that you did and allows you to modify the result.
    • later additional views may be added here
  • an optional log view shared by all views:
    This view is used to display actions that are executed by the various protocols (FTP / FTPS, SFTP currently), command lines may be dumped also (for SCC tools or converters)
  • the status bar displays a legend for the colour code (for example, blue for addition, green for replacements...) together with simple statistics.

Each view can be in one of these 4 states:

  • empty: the view shows the "This view is empty" message
  • in error: if the item selected for the view cannot be reached, read (e.g. because of corrupted data).
  • in progress: some views are based on asynchronous operation (folders), because of this the view can be initialized but still need to finish loading, hence being "In progress"
  • loaded: this is normal state, the files are displayed or edited normally and the folder view shows the content of the top folder

At the top of each view, there are:

  • a combo field: containing the list of recently used items
  • a browse button/menu: to open input files or select the output location.
  • an output location selector

All the views share the ways they can be opened as well:

  • from a folder: Open Diff / Open Diff As / Open Conflicts, Free Compare menus
  • from the menu and the shortcuts: the Open Comparison menus
  • by dragging files on the main window (i.e. outside of the current view elements)

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