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Selecting a file or folder for viewing, editing or comparing



In all Ellié Computing Merge documents, you will find the same graphical objects to select a file or folder as the source item.

  • List of recently used items
    The combo box for the desired source contains the list of recently used items on all available file systems (local or FTP). You can click on a combo item to select it (the path to the file/directory + eventual options).
    You can type directly the URL (local file name, FTP/FTPS/SFTP resource or a SCC tool URL) in the combo, or paste it from the clipboard content. Press Enter to validate the URL.
    Dropping a file or folder to the combo will open it in the matching view. You can drop files and folders from outside of Ellié Computing Merge, you can also drop items from a Folder Comparison document as well as single items and Site from the Launcher on any combos in the same document.
  • Browse button and menu
    • Select item: click on the menu item corresponding to the item you wish to select, using a selector dialog box (system dialog box for local files and directories, Web Source dialog box for items on FTP/SFTP servers and SCC Source dialog box for SCC repository access).
    • Reopen with Encoding: select the encoding to use when opening the corresponding source.
    • Reload: reloads the source item from the file system and recomputes the differences.
    • Close: empty the item from the source panel, and recomputes the differences with an empty source.
    • Set text output options: set the default encoding and line ending character to use when saving text files.
    • Fill from clipboard: fills the source with a temporary buffer filled from the clipboard content.
       This option is available only in Text and Image Comparison.
  • Result location flag
    Each valid source for a comparison can be set as "output location" for the merge result. This allows you to write the merge result in any of the input paths and/or in another path (result written in a temporary location, where you check your work before saving it in your working directory). When a source can be selected as "result location", the icon near the browse button is one of the following icons:  or . The latter   means it  is selected. Otherwise, you will see a pair of glasses  . Click on the icon to swap the flag.
     This icon is enabled only in merge mode. In diff mode, the source files are read-only.

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