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Command Options



This panel let you specify the various commands.

  • Terminal command line

The command line to execute to launch a terminal running an application. The application and its parameters being %0 in the string to select or enter.

Default supported terminals are:

  • XTERM (xterm -e sh -c "%0")
  • GNOME (gnome-terminal -e "%0")
  • KDE (konsole -e sh -c "%0")


  • XSLT processor command line

Merge is pre-configured for xsltproc in Linux and MSXSL on Windows. On Linux, however you may choose any XSLT processor. You can enter in this field the command line for another tool. The parameter are: $(xsl) $(input) and $(output) as expected.


  • Web browser command line

The command line to execute to launch a web browser (to display a local HTML file or visit a website). The parameter is $(inputurl).
This command line is used if the one registered in the system settings cannot be found or failed.

Default value is: mozilla $(inputurl)

 this panel is available in the Linux version of Ellié Computing Merge only.

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