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Application Options



Maximize application at startup

Check this option to maximize the application on screen when starting.

Show tips at startup

When checked, small tips are displayed when starting the graphical user interface

Let settings roam with user profile (Windows only)

When checked, the settings file is placed in the roaming area of the user profile folder. This option is activated by default for installations since 2.1.76. It has no particular effect if you do not use "windows profile roaming", if you do, your settings will be preserved amongst the various machines on which you roam (keeping the latest version if you log on two machines at same time). If this option is not activated, each computer will store your settings independently, it may interesting if you use roaming user profile but use the various computers for quite different tasks in parallel and do not want to risk to loose your settings updates.

Enable Shell Extesions

On Windows, this checkbox controls the activation of the Windows Explorer shell extensions.
On Mac OS X, this checkbox controls the activation of the Finder plugin on Leopard and before, and the activation of the Service in Snow Leopard and later.

On Linux, three individual checkboxes control the activation of plugins. There are plugins for:

  • Nautilus (Gnome)
  • Konqueror (KDE), there is no plugin system yet for Dolphin.
  • Thunar (Xfce)

Place a shortcut to ECMerge in $(HOME)/bin directory (Unixes and Mac OS X only)

When activated, the graphical interface of ECMerge verifies the presence of a script calling ECMerge at $(HOME)/bin, the presence of this script helps other tools to call ECMerge easily.

Default document type opened at startup

You can select the type of document which will be created by default. You can choose one the following document types:

  • Text Document,
  • Image Document,
  • Folder Document,
  • Text Editor,
  • Image Viewer,
  • Browser 

 A default document is opened when there is no opened document in the Ellié Computing application (at startup or when closing all the currently opened documents).

When dropping 2 or 3 items

When you drag and drop 2 or 3 files/folders on Ellié Computing Merge application window, the software may not determine whether you wished to open a comparison or single items. This option let you choose the default behaviour of the application.

  • Open items separately
  • Open as comparaison
  • Prompt

Start new comparisons in merge mode

Select  this option if you wish to set all new comparisons in merge mode by default. It is used when dropping files/folders from a file explorer application, or when launching Ellié Computing Merge from the Windows Explorer contextual menu.

User interface language

Adjust the language of the user interface. Changing this option doesn't affect the running program. You have to exit and restart Ellié Computing Merge so that the language is changed.

 The list of available languages is dynamic, it is based on files found in the Ellié Computing Merge application directory. You can translate Ellié Computing Merge in your native language, if you wish. For more details, please contact us.

Number of comparison threads

Number of threads Ellié Computing Merge can create to perform content comparisons as background tasks. If you set 0, the value will be the number of CPU on the local computer plus one.

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