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Options Handling



This screen presents options about Options Handling (Options Sets, sessions...)

Maximum number of sessions

Specifies the maximum number of sessions to keep in the session history, the oldest sessions in excess with respect to this number are deleted automatically.

When loading a named session, accept any change from the application's options set reference copy

This option simplify the typical ECM? file reloading situation: whatever happens no question is asked and the ECM? options set is updated to reflect latest changes. This is not always wishable though as it prevents you from keeping an ECM? safe for permanent and stable usage. Latest options being adapted each time you open the ECM? file, they will indeed be changed. This is practical if your typical usage is to just save ECM? file for the URLs, not for the options.

When a temporary copy of options set is made, isolate from shared converters and file types

The 'Use shared converters/file types' options are automatically unchecked when the "Temporary copy" button is used  (or by any other mean). The idea here is that the temporary copy is totally isolated from the original options set and application's shared object, thus you are not annoyed by any global change.