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Document.Parameters object



Prototype for Document.Parameters objects. Is a kind of ConfigurationObject.


var parameters = new Document.Parameters ( );
parameters.left.url = "c:\document.txt";
parameters.right.url = "c:\document.txt";
parameters.gui_type = "merge2";
parameters.settings["display.changed_text_bgcolor"] = "#00FF00"; // full green for changed texts!



Property Of


Implemented In

ECMerge 2.1


 This object stores all the parameters which determine what is compared and how it is compared.


Property Description
gui_type GUI Type string. Kind of document (i.e. for edition, comparison, merge...)
left / right / ancestor / result SourceDescription object. Source description (data source location, encodings...)
document_type Document Type string. Type of document (i.e. by nature of compared data)
settings OptionsSet object. Settings for the comparison


 no specific method, see ConfigurationObject object


Example 1.

 Setting the colour to display various elements of the comparisons:

var parameters = new Document.Parameters ( );
parameters.settings["display.changed_text_bgcolor"] = "#00FF00"; // full green for changed texts!
parameters.settings["display.deleted_text_bgcolor"] = "#FF0000"; // full red for deleted texts!
parameters.settings["display.ignored_change_text_bgcolor"] = "#000000"; // really ignore it: show it black as normal text

See Also 

 ConfigurationObject object, OptionsSet object, SourceDescription object, GUI Type string, Document Type string