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SourceDescription object



Prototype for SourceDescription objects. Is a kind of ConfigurationObject.


var source = new SourceDescription ();
source.url = "c:\\temp\\file.txt";



Property Of


Implemented In

ECMerge 2.1


 The SourceDescription stores enough information to known how to access, present, load and save information about a given data source.


Property Description
loading_encoding EncodingProperties object. Determines how to load text files
output boolean. True if this source participate to result output process
saving_encoding EncodingProperties object. Determines how to save text files
title String. Title of this source if the reports and user interface
url URL object. URL pointing to the data source



 no specific method. see ConfigurationObject object.


Example 1.

This sample initializes a comparison with the same file in left and right sides. Then sets left side only as output.

var source = new SourceDescription( );
source.url = "c:\\temp\\file.txt";
var parameters = new Document.Parameters ( );
parameters.left = source;
parameters.right = source;
parameters.left.output = true;
var doc = new Document (parameters);
add_view (doc);

See Also 

 EncodingProperties object, URL object, ConfigurationObject object