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Since ECMerge 1.2.34, the localization of the software is automated. This means you can now translate ECMerge in your native language without waiting for the language to be officially supported in the application. Of course, if you share your work with us, we will provide free licences or significant rebates (regarding the amount of work).

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New language


Here are the steps to translate ECMerge in your native language:

  • send us an email to check if a translation is not in progress for the desired language,
  • to start a new translation: download this package, it contains all the needed instructions to translate ECMerge in your native language,
  • download and install gettext from GNU: this tool will compile the localized files to be loaded by ECMerge.

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Available languages


  • to get ECMerge in your native language: download one of the ZIP files from the table herebelow,
  • uncompress it in the ECMerge installation directory
  • if you wish to fix some translated strings, please send us back the ZIP file to be updated on the website.

English2.5.200100 %0 %0 %enen.zip
French2.5.20099.72 %0 %0.28 %frfr.zip
Spanish2.5.20098.17 %0.05 %1.78 %eses.zip
German2.5.20099.58 %0.09 %0.33 %dede.zip
Italian2.5.20096.44 %0 %3.56 %itit.zip
Brazilian2.2.10483.61 %6 %10.4 %pt_brpt_br.zip
Polish2.2.10173.96 %7.82 %18.22 %plpl.zip