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Open Source

Ellié Computing wants to encourage Open Source projects. We offer free licences or significant rebates to active contributors of free projects, or multi-licensed projects from which one at least is free.

Here are the steps to follow to get ECMerge licences:

  • actively participate to an Open Source project (developer in charge of the project or numerous patches...)
  • add the following text in your "Credits" or "Contributions" page:
    Ellié Computing contributes to this project by giving free licences of ECMerge, comparison/merge tool.
  • contact us by email with a description of your role in the Open Source Project and the URL of the page containing the reference to ECMerge.

ECMerge can be configured as the default diff/merge tool to use with your version control system (CVS, SVN or any other). Please look at this page to get the procedure to integrate ECMerge into your source code control software.

  • meta-diff project (http://meta-diff.sourceforge.net): a diff/merge tool launcher, letting the user decide which tool is the most appropriate to merge files
  • git (http://git.or.cz): a distributed VCS, with support to use ECMerge as its diff/merge tool

Projects using ECMerge for their developments:

  • ttfgen.com: TrueType Font Genereator is a PHP/jQuery project which allows you to use TrueType fonts in your website with a good support in most web browsers and ensuring a correct behaviour with search engines.
  • TicketsCAD.org: a free and Open Source project providing a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system for fire deps, police deps, emergency services...