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Converters and File Types Options



These screens display a list of the converters and file types available in the options set.

The checkboxes in front of them indicate if the converter or file type is actually in use in this options set (if not in use the converter or file type is simply ignored when searching automatically from sources names and content).

You can edit the master copies of the converters and file types from there for convenience, though their primary location is the application Preferences dialog.

ECMerge colours enabled converters and file types in red when they are hidden by another more generic converter or file type placed before in the list. Such a converter or file type would be indeed never selected by ECMerge for use. The converter or file type which hides another one is coloured in blue.

Use shared converters / Use shared file types

By default Ellié Computing Merge shares the converter and/or file types amongst all the options sets. You can however decide not to share them, we consider this as a 'temporary situation' handling, i.e. you will want this when a comparison must keep its file types stable (long dating ECM file prepared for reports, current work to save from re-initialization caused by some new file type), this is not a practical way to work day-to-day. When "Use shared converters or "Use shared file types" is unchecked, there is therefore no synchronization with shared converters / file types but you cannot edit the file types from the user interface (scripting still can).

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