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Firewall / Proxy Options



Passive mode

If checked, use passive mode by default when connecting to a server.
See Web Source dialog box for more explanations.

Use Proxy

Enables use of Firewall / Proxy with remote server connections by default.

 You can disable the Firewall / Proxy authentication on a specific FTP Source. You just need to check the " Do not use proxy" option in the Advanced tab of the  Web Source dialog box.

HTTP Proxy
Ellié Computing Merge supports currently only HTTP tunneling proxy (there is room for FTP proxies, SOCKS4/5 as well, please contact us if you need them)

Host Name

Host name or IP address of the proxy server


Port on which the server should be contacted

Do not use proxy for server matching these patterns

You can specify a list of host names which do not require a Firewall or Proxy authentication. To specify multiple host names in the text field, separate them with a semi-colon ' ;' character.

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