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Installing on Solaris



Download the archive which matches your Solaris version. Expand it anywhere using:

bunzip2 ecmerge.XXX.solaris.x86.pkg.bz2

We use the pkg tools to install Ellié Computing Merge. Ellié Computing Merge depends on gtk+2 (SUNWGtku/SUNWGtkr or CSWgtk2), CSWiconv and CSWgcc4g++rt to be present.
CSW packages refer to Community SoftWare from former site http://www.blastwave.org, the site opencsw.org which is actively maintained proposes a fork which should be compatible. If you do not know how it works, see the Getting start page of opencsw.org. We are studying the compatibility degree and new procedures will be published if necessary.

Ellié Computing Merge uses xsltproc by default to generate HTML reports and comparison statistics. Nevertheless, you can use any other XSLT processor.

Using the following commands will install the dependencies, you can verify with pkginfo if the package are already there:
pkg-get -i libiconv
pkg-get -i gcc4g++rt
[for GTK2: pkg-get -i gtk2]


  • If you have administrator rights, use the following command:
    pkgadd -d ecmerge.XXX.solaris.x86.pkg
    You can then run ECMerge with "ecmerge" from the command line or /opt/elliecomputing/ecmerge/guimerge
  • If you do not have administrator rights, install the software for your own use this way:
    mkdir mytmp
    pkgtrans ecmerge.XXX.solaris.x86.pkg mytmp
    mv mytmp/ELLIECOMPmerge/root/opt/elliecomputing/ecmerge ecmerge
    rm -rf mytmp
    chmod +x ecmerge/user-install.sh
    cd ecmerge && ./user-install.sh
    You can then run ECMerge as ~/ecmerge/guimerge

The evaluation of Ellié Computing Merge requires a Serial Number to run permanently. You can evaluate it for free without a serial number. More infos.

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