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Uninstalling Ellié Computing Merge



On Windows:

  1. Close Ellié Computing Merge
  2. On the taskbar, click on the Start menu button
  3. Choose Settings > Control Panel. The Control Panel opens.
  4. Double-click on the Add/Remove Programs button. The Add/Remove Program Properties dialog box opens.
  5. If necessary, click on the Install/Uninstall tab to bring it to the front.
  6. Scroll through the list box to find Ellié Computing Merge.
  7. Select Ellié Computing Merge.
  8. Click on the Add/Remove button. The Uninstall setup program starts.
  9. Follow the on-screen prompts.

On Linux:

  • If you installed with dpkg, use dpkg -r elliecomputing-merge (Synaptic will do it for you as well)
  • If you installed with rpm, use  rpm -e elliecomputing-merge (Package manager graphical user interace can do it as well).
  • If you installed with tar:
  1. use the tar command to list the files in the installation archive (tar -tjf archivename.tbz)
  2. remove the listed files and directories
  3. with bash and GNU tar these commands should work
    • rm -f $(tar -tjf ecmerge-2.0.XX.linux.x86.tbz)
    • rm -rf /opt/elliecomputing
    • NB: $() can be replaced by anti-quotes `` for sh/ksh

On Solaris:

  1. enter administrative account (su)
  2. type: pkgrm ELLIECOMPmerge

On Mac OS X:

  1. there is no specific uninstallation procedure, you just have to remove Ellié Computing Merge application.

If an error occurs when attempting to uninstall Ellié Computing Merge, please consult the Troubleshooting Topic or contact the Technical Support for assistance.