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compare files in proprietary formats?



Merge allows you to compare files in any proprietary format by using converters (also called filters or extractors). Ellié Computing Merge supports these converters through the execution of command line tools such as Ellié Computing Xtract. To know if ECMerge supports a format with the help of a converter check in the Application Preferences / Converters panel; if not, contact us we will certainly find a solution for you.

Many companies provide converters to plain text file format or toward XML formats. You can find also free converters on the web.
Merge maintains a list of converters that we found useful or some of our users reported to be useful on this page. 

Since Merge 2.1, we also added ECMAScript support which allows us to make auto-configuration scripts: we can help you make your favorite converter work seamlessly on your computer, just ask us (we will need the tool itself) and we will write a small ECMAScript file to put in your macros directory and you should have absolutely no configuration to do.

You can directly compare Rich Text Format, Open Office Writer/Text, Microsoft Word (since Word 6) thanks to the built-in Xtract converter: simply select the file as a normal simple file, by dragging it on the empty view or the selection combo (or the use the file selector button). That's that easy!

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