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combine several commands into a button?



What you need is definitely a macro command. A macro command is an ECMAScript function, added to the global 'macros' array.
The page 'User macro commands' explains with a sample how to do this task.

In particular, you need to use the macros "toolbar_name" property: when set it creates a toolbar (per distinct name) for your macro and places a button for it there.

For example, if you'd like a macro which solves everything with left, not only current selection:

macros["resolve_all_with_left"] = function() {
    execute_macro ("edit_select_all");
    execute_macro ("resolve_left");
macros["resolve_all_with_left"].label = "Resolve All with Left";
macros["resolve_all_with_left"].toolbar_name = "Resolving";
macros["resolve_all_with_left"].icon_url =
macros["resolve_all_with_left"].toolbar_rank = 1;

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