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Folder 2-way Merge Rules Options



 This section let you choose the default rules to apply when merging two directories. You can choose to mirror left or right version (which will disable all the controls in this window) or to apply specific rules. You can also select remove the item, this option will remove all the items (those which are neither modified by hand to something else nor ignored).

When left or right version exists but the other one is missing, you can:

  • keep the existing version,
  • remove the item,
  • let unresolved

When both versions exist, and are different, you can:

  • remove the item,
  • keep oldest or most recent version,
  • keep left or right version,
  • let unresolved

When both versions exist and are identical, you can:

  • keep the item,
  • remove the item

When the item is missing from the left and right views, but present in the result folder, you can:

  • ignore the item,
  • remove the item

 Defining merge rules may be useful when synchronizing the same folders frequently. You can create a Status file with all the parameters for the synchronization (file patterns to exclude/include, do not treat files older than a given date...). Each time you re-open the comparison with the Status file, all your options will be restored. You can modify them with the  Document options toolbar button, and save the Status file. The more rules you can specify in this panel, the more decisions Ellié Computing Merge will take to merge files (respecting the given rules). Therefore you will have much less files to merge manually.

 All the decisions the software will take will not be applied immediately. You may check them in the "Result" and "Remaining actions" columns in the bottom view of the Folders Comparison document, before applying them (Merge result / Write in the contextual menu applied on the selected items, or the   Write to result toolbar button).

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