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File Status Filters



Hide files or folders missing/present in left/ancestor/right/result hierarchy
Display files when identical/different/conflicting

You can specify a display filter so that only files matched by the display filter will be included in the folder comparison view. Check the checkbox to activate the corresponding filter.

Hide identical folders with no content shown

Hides all folders that do not contain any visible files. Note that this includes folders that contain hidden, unchanged, or inserted/removed files if those files are matching filters criteria (filters by name, date or status) or if they have been manually hidden when resolving conflicts in Merge mode. 

Hide system hidden files and folders

Check this option to hide files or folders marked as hidden using the local computer common acceptance.

 All files and folders matching the above conditions won't be displayed on screen unless the user specifies it (Show hidden items in the Folders Display Options). If displayed, the items will have the background coloured defined for 'ignored' items.

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