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Folder Comparison and Merging



  Please note that  this illustration corresponds to the three-way comparison/merging view. You can see in this topic the two-way Folder Comparison.

show/hide ancestor
Showing or hiding the ancestor is only a display setting for you. It does not change anything in the comparison process.
See also show or hide the ancestor for a comparison view.

contextual menu
The contextual menu for each folder comparison items contains the possible actions on this item to view/edit it, to compare/merge items when available in several views and to solve the conflict.
See also resolving conflicts, contextual menu

status bar
The status bar shows various information:

  • the total number of known folders (visited + to be visited), the number of remaining folders to be visited is also indicated,
  • the number of pending comparisons (content comparisons for files, when necessary to determine if the items are identical or different),
  • the number of known conflicts (only in Merge mode).
  • the number of removed, added or modified files precedeed by their colour code 

See also