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Contextual Menu (Folder Comparisons)



Macros: A top sub-menu is present when macros are available, the default macros work on the selection and are:

  • Exclude / Include only [files or folders] like [name or *.extension]: this serie of macros allow you to update name filters easily
  • Touch: set last modification date to 'now'
  • Set dates: let you set the dates you want for modification, access and creation time.

Open Diff: shows the comparison for the selected file or folder (in non-recursive mode), if many files are selected all  the files are opened

Open Diff as Text/Image/Binary/Folder Document: same as Open Diff but forces a particular type of comparison

Open Conflicts: compares the selected items and open only the comparison for conflicting ones

Diff: ensures that the summary of the selected subset was computed

Diff content: compares the content of all the selected files (without showing the files), even if the settings does not tell to

Compare again: resets the comparison computation, so as to schedule again comparisons based on latest settings

Refresh: Refreshes the list of selected files and folders, in the focused pane only

Comparison statistics: same as Compare but then shows the comparison statistics in HTML box when finished. More info about Comparison Statistics dialog box

Hide item / Make item visible: hides or shows the selected items (hidden items can be shown with the Show hidden items option). Hidden items content is never compared without explicit opening. These options are useful to prevent selectively the comparison of certain files which do not interest you (in particular big files which may hog the comparison porcess but which do not interest you in the instant).

Open in explorer: launches the explorer on selected folder

View: views all the selected files (visiting folders recursively), opening in Edit mode if they are writable

Check-out: checks the files out of the repository mapped (see Source Code Control Mappings)

Open in external application: idem as View but in the default application defined by the system

Delete: delete the selected files or folders

Properties: shows the Item properties dialog box. You can rename or change the files attributes from there

Free Compare: sub-items let you specify left/right and ancestor files that you want to compare from any folder view, then launch a comparison.

New Folder/Text file: creates a folder or an empty file and select it immediately to rename it

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