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Launcher panel



The Launcher panel is built around a tree view.

This view contains 4 main sections:

  • Workspaces
    • The workspaces are list of documents (files/folders, automatic sessions and named sessions). 
    • To select a workspace, double click it
    • When the application closes or when another workspace is open, the current workspace is closed, saving the current list of opened documents.
    • You can rename a workspace, by clicking on a workspace name during a few seconds. You can also add or remove workspaces.
  • Sites
    • The "sites" listed are created by yourself, these are shortcuts to any folder with an arbitrary name of your choice. You will generally want to list here the roots of your web accounts, particularly important local and network folders, the SCC repositories you often use.
    • Right click on "Sites" to create a new site or use the Customize/Sites/New Site menu.
    • Right clic on a Site to browse, modify or delete it.
    • Double-click on a site to open it again
    • You can drag'n'drop a site onto a comparison empty panel or a source combobox field to start a comparison.
  • Sessions
    • There is a specific sub-section called Named which contains the list of last ECM? file opened or saved.
    • Then comes a calendar based list of recently used automatic sessions. Automatic sessions are saved each time an unnamed comparison is closed.
    • A session with the same sources may appear several time if you changed options in between.
    • Double-click on an item to open it again
    • You can delete sessions by pressing the Delete key, you can also save them as Named sessions (.ecmt files).
  • Files & folders
    • This is a list of recently used files or folders, sorted by date within calendar based sub-sections.
    • Double-click on an item to open it again
    • You can drag'n'drop such an item onto a comparison empty panel or a source combobox field to start a comparison.

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