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Statistics object



Prototype for Statistics objects. Is a kind of SerializableObject.


You cannot create Statistics object. The only way get such an object is currently to call SomeDocument.get_statistics:

var mydoc;
var stats = myodc.get_statistics();



Property Of


Implemented In

ECMerge 2.1


Statistics objects give all the information provided for a given type of comparison. These statistics are those available in the Comparison Statistics dialog box.


The properties of this object are dynamic and depends on the type of comparison. Folder comparison mix the information of the other types of documents for each pair, in addition to the merge statistics.
Each property name is an XPath leading to its value in the XML generated by as_xml( ) which is inherited from SerializableObject.


 none specific.


Example 1.

To display a message box with the statistics for a document or current selection in a folder, do this:

var stats;
var currentdoc = current_frame.coordinator.document;
if (!(currentdoc instanceof FolderDocument))
    stats = currentdoc.get_statistics ();
   stats = currentdoc.get_statistics (current_frame.coordinator.current_view.clone_selection());

var stats_texts = [];
for (var stat in stats)
    stats_texts.push (stat + " = " + stats[stat]);
alert (stats_texts.join("\n"));

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