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File Name Filters Options



This page allows you to apply filters based on the items name to the content of folder comparison windows. For a reference about how to write patterns for filenames, see Writing patterns for filenames. Helper buttons placed to the right of each pattern list field helps you enter special characters.

Exclude patterns

Fill in the control to filter out files or folders matching the given list of patterns, they will not be added to the list of files and folders to synchronize. They won't be displayed on screen unless the user specifies it (Show hidden items in the Folders Display Options). If displayed, ignored files and folders matching the exclusion patterns will have the background coloured defined for 'ignored' items.

Include patterns

This control works the same way as the previous one but provides the opposite feature. Only items matching the filter will be included in the list of files and folders to synchronize.

NB: these filters do not yet support Advanced Regular Expressions but will in the future (as do the 'Ignore changes made of lines matching' feature)

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