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Folders Display Options



This page allows you to customize the Folder Comparisons display in both screen and reports views.

Check the columns to be displayed:

  • File size
  • File date(Show oldest  / newest icon , Show date text)
    If the exact date is not very important for you, you can restrict the file date information display to an icon showing the newest/oldest files.
  • MIME type
  • Changes count
    The Changes Count column contains the numbers of changes (insertions, deletions, modifications) that have been found between the files in the two adjacent columns. In the three-way folder comparison view, the right side Changes Count column contains the number of changes found between the left and right folder hierarchies.

 User's choices apply in all the folders views within a Folder Comparison window. In the Result view, the Result and Remaining actions columns cannot be hidden.

Scan sub-folders at start

When opening a folder comparison, the comparison computation is automatically launched recursively. The user interface is not locked during the process. All files or folders that have not been treated yet appear in grey. Folders can be opened at any time. See also Browsing Folders Contents

Show hidden items

Items that have been hidden because matching filters criteria (filters by name, status or date) or manually ignored while merging directories can be displayed. In this case, the background colour for the rows is the one set for "ignored" items. See how to customize colours.

Indent ancestor and right folders hierarchies

Do not check this option if you wish to gain horizontal space in folders tree architecture.
 When displaying a Folder Comparison in horizontal panes, all the tree structures are indented as space is not a problem in that case.

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