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Writing patterns for filenames



Some patterns for filenames do not support the full regular expression syntax. They follow an easier writing form.

* matches any sequence of characters which are not path separators (zero or more) and ? matches any single character which is not a path separator. Use a trailing \ or / character to distinguish folders from files. To specify multiple name in the text field, separate them with a semi-colon ';' character. Do not add any whitespace around the separators in the pattern list. Only use one trailing \ character at the very most per pattern.

In addition, if the items that you want to filter are also determined by their containing folder(s), you can use path oriented patterns. Ellié Computing Merge will automatically match the path relative to the root folders of your comparison or browser against the pattern when it finds at least one \ or / in a pattern (at start or in the middle). Ellié Computing Merge supports a specific notation /// or \\\ (triple slash or  triple anti-slash) which means 'at start or any number of complete path steps'. Note that Ellié Computing Merge does not keep a leading path separator for relative paths, so that "/usr/local/bin" with "/usr" as root directory for a comparison leas to "local/bin" only.



bar Matches files or folders with namebar.
foo* Matches files or folders with name starting with foo.
bar*\ Matches folders with name starting with foo.
foo?bar Matches files or folders with name starting with foo, then containing any single character, and ending withbar.
*.obj;*.pch;*.pdb Matches files or folders with name ending with .obj, .pch or .pdb.
///debug/*.lib Matches all .lib files directly inside a debug directory (but not all those outside, e.g. those in release directories)
trunk///*~ Matches all ~ files which are under trunk directory (trunk is matched only at top level)