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Find dialog box



This dialog box appears when you type Ctrl+F, press the  button when available in the toolbar or open the Edit / Find... menu. It enables you to find a an expression in a text document, or to find a file in a folder hierarchy, by its name.

Reuse one of the last 16 searched strings by selecting it from the Find drop-down list, or type a new string or expression to find in the Find field and click on the Find button to move the cursor on the next occurrence of the string.
A message box will inform you that no more occurrence is found.

Check the Match whole word box to match the specified string only if the string is a whole word, not just part of a word. Check the Match case box match the uppercase and lowercase characters you enter in the Find field. Search up specifies whether the search continues up or down.
Check Wrap to make the search automatically continues when it reaches the beginning or end of a file.
Check Regular Expression to search a regular expression. Searching regular expression allows you to match complex families of strings, see the Regular expressions page for a description. When this option is checked, the helper button to the right of the Find field lists most usual regular expression constructions.

You can use the following items to reduce the searched sections in the document:

  • Selection only: when chosen, only the selected portion of the document is searched.
  • Within differences only: when selected, the searched section is further reduced by searching only portions of the document which are highlighted as differences.

Mark All adds a bookmark in the margin in front of each line that contains a match for the text entered in the Find field.

 In a Folder Comparison document:

  • you can enter a simple regular expression to match files by their name.
  • the Find function does not browse items marked as hidden (corresponding to a filter by name/status/date or hidden manually) even if displayed on screen.

In a Binary Comparison document, you can find either a basic text string or binary data using escaped sequences. For example, you can enter ' code' or ' \x63\x6F\x64\x65'. There is no specific text entry mode for Unicode 16 bits or 32 bits, you have to enter it using escapes (e.g. T\0\0\0 for a 'T' in UTF32 Little Endian). When using the anti-slash notation, remember to check the Regular expression checkbox as this is indeed part of the regular expression syntax.

The Replace >> button transforms the dialog into the  Replace dialog box.

Press F1 or click on the Help button while in this dialog box will show this topic.

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