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Comparison Statistics dialog box



This dialog can be displayed from the View menu, it then shows the statistics for the whole document (note that it will finish the comparison before returning if it is not yet finished, for folders in particular). You can also get this dialog box in Folders view with the right-click menu, in this case the statistics concerns only the selected items.

  • Statistics for Folder Comparisons

The global statistics for Folder Comparison show the number of files for each status (unchanged, added, removed, changed) and for each couple of sources. "Changed files" category contains several data, one per handled file type, and one global. In Merge mode, this paragraph also contains the number of files to be merged manually, ie for which default rules cannot help in computing the result.

 The sum "All files" may be greater than the actual sum of the number per file type, indeed, the files designated as different by metadata-based rules (size, date...) are not open and their type is not determined in order to accelerate the differentiation process.

 Ignored files data are not displayed because Ellié Computing Merge does not store it. Counting files in ignored folders would require to list their content, the software does not take this type of files into account, so as not to loose time doing such an operation.

  • Statistics for Text Comparisons

The Text Comparisons statistics contain 2 tables: one describing all the changes, one describing the changes involved in the conflicting areas (only in Merge mode). These tables show the number of blocks and lines of text for each status (unchanged, added, removed, changed, ignored) and for each couple of sources.

  • Statistics for Binary Comparisons

The Binary Comparisons statistics show the number of blocks and bytes of data for each status (unchanged, added, removed, changed, ignored) and for each couple of sources.

  • Statistics for Image Comparisons

The Image Comparisons statistics show the number of pixels for each status (unchanged, similar, changed) and for each couple of sources. It also presents the differences in image dimensions.

You can save the Comparison Statistics tables as a basic HTML file.

 You can get the same Comparison Statistics, with a better display by generating HTML reports. If you only wish to have the statistics of the comparison, you can omit the "details" sections in the Text and Folders reports options.

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