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Folder Comparisons Reports Options



This page contains options used in report generation for Folder Comparisons.

Print comparison statistics/details in XML/HTML format

You can choose to restrict the report content to the comparison statistics or details only.

Use the checkboxes within the "Generate files reports for" section to include file reports within the folder comparison report, based on their status:

  • identical files (items present in all the sources, and identical),
  • files with orphans (items missing in [at least] one source),
  • different files,
  • conflicting files.

All files that are or would be displayed in the Folder Comparison document on screen are listed in the details section of the report. The sub-reports generation selection has no effect on it.

 Note that different files are automatically considered as conflicting in two-way comparisons.

You can also choose to generate or not simple reports for binary file comparisons.

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