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Integration in explorers/Finder contextual menu



You can select one or several items in the Windows Explorer, Nautilus, Thunar, Konqueror or MacOs Finder application, and right click to display the context menu. You will see the Ellié Computing icon  along with a menu item.

If one file or directory has been selected, you will be able to:

  • select it as the first item to compare,
  • select it as the ancestor in the comparison,
  • compare it with the item already selected as first item,
  • compare it with the selected first item using the selected ancestor.
  • open as conflict file

If two or three files or directories have been selected, you will be able to launch Ellié Computing Merge to compare them.

 if the order of the items is not correct in the Ellié Computing Merge views, you can swap them using the File/Swap Sources menu.

 The context menu integration only opens Ellié Computing Merge for comparisons or merge regarding the user choice in the "Application" Options. You can swap to the other mode using the  icon in the toolbar.

 Starting with Mac OS X Snow Leopard, the extension is built as a service which allows only to open or compare with ECMerge.

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