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Executing Ellié Computing Merge inside a bundling application



Ellié Computing Merge can be used as a component of a larger application, your application.

In order to help you for this task, we designed several features:

  • --serial-number let you specify a serial number each time you run it, so that your users do not have to register it.
  • --app-settings-file can be used to define where Ellié Computing Merge settings file should be saved (in your application settings directory). It lets you implement your own installation politic (in place / side by side / upgrades)
  • -L indicates the language for the reports, you can add your own language or improve our translation if you need, a translation kit is available at http://www.elliecomputing.com/soft/ecmerge/template.zip.
  • you can specify titles ( --title0/1/2) and encodings ( --encoding0/1/2) for each source
  • for graphical UI, you can lock the interface with --lockedui so that your user is not engaged into other activities
  • if you want a non attended merge when ECMerge is able to do it and graphical merge else, use --sip option. See How to merge silently if there is no error or conflict?
  • It can be used as a command line, with output directly inside standard output (use --to=- , i.e., single hyphen)
  • It is fully controlable from scripts, from command line and through files. Control through standard let you control Ellié Coputing Merge in a live manner, producing comparisons and reports on demand.

 Ellié Computing Merge is available as an ActiveX as well:

  • you can specify the serial number, the UI language through global variables in FHAxMergeApp.
  • it works inside any ActiveX container (Internet Explorer, C#, VB...)
  • you can use nearly all of its power through scripting

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