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Various options allow you to control the way Ellié Computing Merge prepares the comparisons in the folder hierarchies, when synchronizing directories recursively.

  • Automatic sub-folder scanning

When a folder comparison is launched, Ellié Computing Merge can automatically scan sub-folders to list their content. Only meta-data comparisons are performed. If a file requires a content-comparison, it will not be executed unless allowed by the user.

 The  toolbar button is toggled if sub-folder scanning is enabled. You can stop it by clicking on this button. The status bar displays the number of remaining folders to be listed.

By default, Ellié Computing Merge scans sub-folders only when clicking on the "+" (plus) button in front of a folder, however when using the navigation buttons, Merge will search folders recursively reducing greatly the amount of clicks that you need to reach an item of interest.

Although it can take some time to scan deep folder trees, this operation is performed in the background. While the automatic scan is running, you can use other functions of the program.

You may see the  in the tree hierarchy. It represents folders where an error occured when listing content. You can get a detailed error message by viewing the item properties (in the contextual menu). Refresh the folder item to get it listed again.

  • Automatic content comparisons

Ellié Computing Merge can also compare in background file contents if required to determine the exact file status (identical/changed). This option is visible in the toolbar with the  toggle button. If you toggle this button off, Ellié Computing Merge will stop comparing file contents in a background task, these comparisons will only be performed when absolutely necessary (if you open the folder in the tree view, if you ask for Comparison Statistics or if you generate reports for example). 

 Content comparisons are performed when all the folders have been listed. If you wish to get them executed immediately, you can open the folder in which your important files are located, stop the automatic sub-folder scanning, and restart it later. When automatic sub-folder scanning is enabled together with automatic content comparisons, the files requiring a comparison are compared in background even in collapsed folders, else automatic content comparison applies only to expanded folders (collapsing prevents scheduling of new comparisons but lets end those that are started).

 When opening a folder with many sub-items, you may see some of them in grey. It means their status has not yet been determined.

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