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Replace dialog box



This dialog box appears when you type Ctrl+H, press the  button when available in the toolbar, open the Edit / Replace...menu or click Replace>> in the Find dialog box. It makes it possible for you to search for and replace specified text in the current text file or in a folder view.

Reuse one of the last 16 searched strings by selecting it from the Find drop-down list, or type a new string or expression to find in the Find field and click on the Find button to move the cursor on the next occurrence of the string.
Enter the text to replace with in the Replace field, or open the drop-down list to select one of the last 16 items entered. Click on the Replace button to move the cursor to the next occurence of the found string, which is automatically replaced.
A message box will inform you that no more occurrence is found.

In addition to the Find box fields. The Replace dialog box adds some actions:

Replace All replaces all matches from a search. 
In folders, the Replace and Replace All actions rename files or folders, they are enabled only when matching regular expressions. Indeed you can specify subparts of the path which you want to keep (with parentheses) in a regular expression,  and then reuse them in the new name, following the ECMAScript standard replacement strings (see String.replace in ECMA262.pdf). For example: find: (*.)\.gif replace: $1.bmp replaces the extension of all GIF files to BMP. When regular expressions are enabled, the helper button to the right of the Replace field list usual special replacement texts.

 You can undo the whole " Replace All" action with the Undo (Ctrl+Z) menu item in text files.

 In a Folder Comparison document, the Find and Mark functions do not browse items marked as hidden (corresponding to a filter by name/status/date or hidden manually) even if displayed on screen.

Press F1 or click on the Help button while in this dialog box will show this topic.

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