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Text Comparison and Merging



 Please note that this illustration corresponds to the three-way comparison/merging view, with hidden ancestor. You can see in this topic the two-way Text Comparison.

show/hide ancestor
Showing or hiding the ancestor is only a display setting for you. It does not change anything in the comparison process.
When the ancestor is displayed, the lines in the left or right views that have been deleted from the ancestor are not included, and the changes linking lines show you the correspondance between the lines in the ancestor view and the empty block of lines in the left or right view.
When the ancestor is hidden, the deleted lines are displayed in the left and right views with the appropriate background colour.
See also  show or hide the ancestor for a comparison view,

bookmarks and conflict markers
The bookmarks and conflict markers apppear either as an icon the margin, or as background coloured line of text (using the corresponding marker colour).
See also how to use bookmarks, how to customize bookmarks shape and colours

file changes overview (left and right vertical graph frames)
The frames displayed on the left and right side of the document represent an overview of the changes in the respectively left and right sources with respect to the ancestor. See also moving in text files

contextual menu
The contextual menu for the current line (or the selected lines) contains the possible edition (Cut/Copy/Paste) or merging (Resolve/Unresolve) action.
See also resolving conflicts, contextual menu

status bar
The status bar shows various information:

  • the encoding of the file in the current view,
  • a number of the changes between the files (deletions, insertions, changes and number of conflicts in Merge mode),
  • the colours legend so that you know immediately the background colour representing deletions, insertions and replacements
  • the position of the cursor (current line, total number of lines, current column).

See also