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BinaryDocument.Field object



Prototype for BinaryDocument.Field objects


var my_field = new BinaryDocument.Field;



Property Of


Implemented In

ECMerge 2.4


A field object is used to define a portion of the file with a given name and role. The name is only to remind what the field is.

The role on the other is used by comparison engine: the fields with a given role can be ignored by checking that role in the Binary Comparison Options panel " Roles of fields to ignore" list. You can also add this role in the OptionsSet "typed.binaries.fields_to_ignore" option.

Dynamic fields are place holders, they are just there to define a particular role which must be used by the dynamic_fields_script. A single dynamic field can have multiple definition so that a field cut into several small ranges of bytes in the file can be defined.


Property Description
dynamic Boolean. True if the field start and length will be specified by the dynamic_fields_script in the binary user file type.
length Integer. Length in bytes of the field
name String. Name of the field as displayed to the user
role String. Role of the field.
start Integer. Start offset of the field in bytes. First byte in the file has offset 0.





Example 1.

Creates a field for the timestamp in an Microsoft Windows .EXE file:

var my_field = new BinaryDocument.Field;
my_field.start = 136;
my_field.length = 4;
my_field.name = "Timestamp";
my_field.dynamic = false;

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