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The signature is used to filter files in addition to the files extensions. This panel is used to enter that signature into ECMerge. Many file formats have a recognizable start with a few bytes set to particular values (e.g. MS Windows executables all start with 'MZ' letters).

First/Last offset to test

Attempts to recognize the signature will happen at each offset in the file between first and last offsets included, until the signature is found.

Signature / Mask

Signature and mask are coded as a JavaScript escaped string, each character code is used to code on bytes of the signature (use \xhh to code non-printable values).
If the file should start with MZ followed by a zero byte, you can write: MZ\x00

When the mask is not set, it is the equivalent of having a string made of \xFF as long as the signature.
Then the signature is tested against arrays of bytes starting at each position from 'first' to 'last' offsets combined with a binary AND operation.

A helper button placed to the right of the signature and mask fields helps you to enter scripting escape sequences.

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