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Tutorial 1: Synchronizing two folders



What you will learn with this tutorial

  • how to set up a bidirectional synchronization view  with New Folder Comparison
  • how to keep most recent versions of left or right files, and keep any file existing only on one side
  • check and write results


  • none

Step 1: Setting up the synchronization view

  • Open a new folder comparison view with  Document / Comparison/Merge / New Folder Comparison or with Ctrl + M (Cmd + Shift + M on Mac OS, Cmd + M being Minimize)
  • Enter your two folders paths (or URLs such as ftp://myserver/), then press Enter or one of the Validates URL buttons ( )
  • Change the comparison to a merge if necessary (so that Edit mode  button is pressed)
  • Change the comparison to two ways if necessary (so that Swap 2 to 3 ways  button is de-pressed)
  • Arrange so that both folders are considered as output locations (change the small glasses   aside the browse buttons to )

Now that we are in this state, pressing the Write to result button  in the toolbar at any time would write the version that you chose for each file.

Step 2: Keep most recent versions, keep any file existing

In general you do not want to specify which version to keep for individual files, rather you want to set rules applying to all files. Here is how to do that:

  • Select the files that you want to synchronize (Ctrl + A for all the files)
  • Click  to solve with most recent files, then click  to keep orphans. Note: if there are only identical files, ECMerge shows a box telling the actions had no effects.

Step 3: check and write results

  • You can now write the result to your folders: ECMerge will choose the appropriate files depending on file date and presence.
    • To validate only the selected files, right click in the selection and run Merge result / Write... 
    • To validate all the files, click the Write to result button  in the toolbar
  • In both cases, ECMerge shows a box with statistics telling what will be done
  • You can now press Test... to show the log of what would be done or Run... to actually act.

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