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Item Resolution Action string




Describes a pre-defined method to solve a conflict or act in a particular situation, inside a 2 or 3-way merge.
Note that this actions indicates a purpose, not an act. For example, if the action indicate to copy left object to right, but right item is in fact identical to left item, the copy will not happen. 


Value Description
auto-merge Use automatic merge, i.e., follow logical rules to merge.
copy:[Side string] Copy the data from that side, if an object is here, do nothing if it is absent
ignore Ingore this item
keep Copy the data from left or right, using the first present one
least-recent Keep the least recent amongst left and right objects
mimic:[Side string] Copy the data from that side if an object is present, else remove data from output
most-recent Keep the most recent amongst left and right objects
delete Remove data from output

See Also

Item Resolution Class string, FolderDocument.MergeRulesSet object