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Questions/Answers string




Such strings are used to give answers to pre-established questions, so as to avoid dialog boxes or message boxes that would otherwise pop-up.



Each section must be one of "yes", "no" or "unknown" currently.
"yes"/"no" specify to answer yes/no to the question. "unknown" means that you explicitly want the question to be asked to the user

Unless otherwise specified, answering "no" always skips the operation. Note that skiping a Save operation for example, actually completely disable it because there is nothing else to do!


Name Description
checkout Yes to check-out files automatically as needed
fm-content-comparison Yes to let content comparisons happen as needed, No to disable them
fm-handle-masked Yes to let masked/ignored items be treated normally.
fm-metadata-comparison Yes to let metadata comparisons happen as needed, No to disable them
fm-mkdir Yes to let directories be created
fm-mkfile Yes to let files be created
fm-overwrite-item Yes to let items be overwritten
fm-overwrite-older Yes to let older files be overwritten
fm-overwrite-newer Yes to let newer files be overwritten
fm-overwrite-no-date Yes to let files for which the dates cannot be compared to be overwritten
fm-overwrite-same-date Yes to let files with same date be overwritten
fm-plain-text-recog Yes to let text files recognition occur, No to disable
fm-rename Yes to let files be renamed
fm-rm-f-folder Yes to let folders with content be removed recursively
fm-rm-file Yes to let files be removed
fm-rm-folder Yes to let empty folders be removed
fm-rm-ro-file Yes to let locked (read-only) files to be removed
fm-save-wo-backup Yes to let the save operation continue even if no backup could be created
fm-stop-on-error Yes to stop on errors during folder operations
fm-stop-on-unresolved Yes to stop on unresolved items during folder operations
fm-unlock-item Yes to allow items to be un-locked (made read-write)
inclusive-merge Yes to let conflicting merges to be saved, including all sides in conflict were appropriate
simulate Yes to simulate operations, No or Unknown to act normally


Example 1.

The following string tells to simulate operations, allowing removal of empty directories and forbidding removal of directories with content:

var qa = "yes:simulate,fm-rm-folder;no:fm-rm-f-folder";