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VFS.Metadata object



Prototype for VFS.Metadata objects.


You cannot create VFS.Metadata objects currently.

You can obtain metadata for file system objects from folder comparisons this way:

var folder_item;
var metadata  = folder_item.metadata.left;    // metadata for left object



Property Of


Implemented In

ECMerge 2.1


 VFS.Metadata objects give information about the file system object to which they are associated.


NB: all the properties except 'error_state' and 'present' here may be 'undefined', when the underlying file system does not give the information.

Property Description
compressed Boolean. True if the file is compressed at its individual levl on the file system.
creation Date. Creation date of this item.
error_state String. String describing if there is an error for this item.
file  Boolean. True if the object was determined to be a file.
folder Boolean. True if the object was determined to be a folder.
hidden Boolean. True if the object has the hidden flag
last_access Date. Last date of access
last_update Date. Last date of modification
name String. Name of the file system object within its container
present Boolean. True if the object is actually here
size Integer. Size in bytes of the file system object
to_archive Boolean. True if the 'to archive' flag is set for this item
unix_modes Integer. Usual Unix flags as in chmod





Example 1.

This sample dumps the metadata about the root item of current frame (which must be a folder document):

var folder_document = current_frame.coordinator.document;
var item = folder_document.root;
dump_metadata (item.metadata.left)

function dump_metadata (metadata)
    var metadata_array = [];
    for (var metadaton in metadata)
        metadata_array.push (metadaton + ":" + metadata[metadaton]);
    return metadata_array.join (", ");

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