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ECMerge 1.1 Release description

Creation date
Friday, February 3, 2006
Last updated
Friday, February 3, 2006
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ECMerge 1.1 is a free upgrade for users who have purchased ECMerge 1.0 or ECMerge Beta.


  • Added a "limited demonstration" behaviour when no evaluation serial number is entered. More info.
  • The software now exists as two editions (Standard and Professional) See Comparison Chart.
  • Better encodings handling at loading and saving time. Each file/folder defined as source or result of a merge can have its own encoding. For folder merges, a default encoding can be specified so that created files are automatically converted when written (useful when synchronizing folders hierarchies with different encodings). More info.
  • Better line endings handling at saving time. You can now force a line ending character to be used when writting a file (useful when synchronizing folders hierarchies on different systems using different text line delimiters).
  • [BUGFIX]: "undo" would undo too much things. When undoing 'Resolve All' actions in text mode, Undo would undo more actions than just this one, by undoing some previous actions as well. Redo would re-apply accordingly too much actions (same amount), reaching expected state.

Text Comparisons

  • in-line differences, at word and/or character level
  • XML pretty-printing and compacting functions to display properly XML files
  • [BUGFIX]: cannot reload a comparison status for files. Open a 2 or 3 text files Comparison, save it as .ecms file.
    Close the comparison, open it from the .ecms file, there was an error message about missing XML node.
  • [BUGFIX]: rejection text would repeat conflicts. When reloading modified files and when rejection texts were computed, conflicts would be repeated.

User Interface

  • Dynamic loading of files and folders for comparisons and merges. You can now open an empty window for comparing and merging files and folders, and then, specify which item to use as left, ancestor or right source. You can also fill a text source from the clipboard. More info.
  • Added many options overall for in-line differencesand XML pretty-printing/compaction
  • All Options-like dialog boxes now remember the last section displayed when dismissing the window, so that it is reopened on the same section.
  • Added some keyboard shortcuts for many commands (open options dialog boxes, navigate in differences and conflicts, ...). See all keyboard shortcuts.
  • In a Text Comparison view, the comparison summary is displayed in the status bar
  • Improved speed of application when switching from a Text Comparison view to a Folder view
  • Added a contextual menu in Text Merge view to solve conflicts contained (even partially) in selected text.
  • [BUGFIX]: fixed bug preventing from using Mirror choice in Apply Merge Rules dialog. When choosing Mirror left or Mirror right, in "Apply merge rules" dialog, the OK button would remain disabled. This prevented the application of the rule set.


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