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Overview of Ellié Computing Merge

New features in Ellié Computing Merge 2.1

Accessing configurations from many SCC and check-out

You can now connect to SCC / VCS / SCM servers (source code control, version control systems, software change management), such as CVS, SubVersion (SVN), Perforce, ionForge Evolution, Microsoft Visual Source Safe. Since 2.2, several distributed VCS are supported such as Git or Mercurial. Our configurable system allows us to extend easily the list of supported tools, and this on all platforms not only Windows (most competing products with this feature are limited to Windows), please contact-us with a support ticket if you need another tool. For sure, ECMerge is integrable with these tools, for use as a differences viewer and merger. This double entries access allows you to generate reports between configuration stored in SCC repositories, when most SCC have very poor reporting capabilities, while profiting from your SCC tool interface to launch files comparisons.
Our system is built to list folders (with metadata such as size and date when they are available), reading content of files and check-out. All the concepts of branches, labels, revisions, versions, ladders... and so on, are supported. It allows you to access any configuration out of your preferred version control tool. More about this
Check-out (or edition as told in some SCC) is handled so as to allow you edit local files which are matched by a file stored in the repository, this is done by calling your tool and asking it to give write access to the file, preventing potential data loss (some tools do not need this procedure and hence do not have the check-out command).
The check-out feature is integrated with every document write operation, this way saving, applying a patch or simply copying a file may provoque file check-out when it is under a zone of your local file system mapped to a SCC supporting check-out. More about mappings and check-out.

SCC features

Importing Unix patches

For many versions already, ECMerge allows exporting to Unix patches. It can now import them, i.e., interpret these patches based on an existing version and produce a modified version in place (equalivent to 'patch'), to another place (for example using a SCC source and a local folder as target) and even build a temporary view pre-configured for one of those actions (it allows you to verify the impact of the patch before anything is written... if everything is OK).
The patches are applicable to files and folders. Many 'smart' options are there to detect non-trivial cases (such as moved lines, less context...)...
A 'test' mode exists which parses the patch and tries to find source files but do not actually act, just informing about potential problems. More about importing patches.

patch import

ECMAScript engine

Ellié Computing Merge integrates a very complete ECMAScript engine. Around forty native objects describe comparisons and let you manipulate documents. You can produce personalized reports, realize complex operations automatically. All the options are available from the ECMAScript engine (several hundreds), as well as hundreds of predefined macros! The text editor is completely open to automation, including a transactional mode (letting you revert any number of updates in case of script failure, or with a single undo command).
The engine is accessible from the command line and the graphical interface through the usage of 'user macros'. Even the ActiveX component integrate specific calls to execute scripts and query informations through scripting.

Macros and configurable keyboard shortcuts (key bindings)

ECMerge is now able to use ECMAScript macros, i.e., functions which can act on the user interface via the numerous ECMerge built-in objects.
All the keyboard shortcuts are configurable. It allows you to add shortcuts to predefined (or your own) macros and to replace existing shortcuts with ones more interesting for you. You can define icons (within dynamic macro toolbars) and default shortcuts for your macros.More about shortcuts

Macro toolbars Shortcuts and macros

Improved command line

The command line of ECMerge is now more complete: you can run synchronization and merge operations, generate text reports (into standard output or wherever you want, with any supported encoding), run scripts and force the computation of the ability to merge.
All these options increase your ability to automate your comparisons, merges and synchronizations. Your scripts keep the same syntax on whichever platform you run them thanks to a coherent command line and ECMAScript usage.

Search and replace using Regular Expressions

The Regular Expression engine used by our ECMAScript engine was made available to ECMerge user interface, so that you can profit of it to rename files or replace strings cleverly within a text file. Searches and replacements can be restricted to different areas of compared files/folders and/or to the selection.

New in the user interface

A single log zone is now used, it is therefore easier to view when you manipulate numerous files or comparisons. Of course, this new version runs on Mac OS X user interface natively.

Overview of Ellié Computing Merge
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