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Key Bindings



This panel allows you to specify bindings (also called Key Shortcuts) to menu items, toolbars and also to macros that you downloaded from the Add-Ons section of Ellié Computing website.

The Commands list shows you the list of macro command available in Ellié Computing Merge. When browsing this list, the Description field shows you the menu item name if any for this macro, and on the right side the Current Shortcuts displays which key shortcuts are bound to the particular command.

The New shortcut field let you enter a key combination (simply gives the focus to this field, press the keys you want to use as a shortcut, such as: Ctrl, Shift and F4 at the same time, then Ctrl+Shift+F4 shows).
The Add button assigns the shortcut displayed in New Shortcut field to the selected macro command.
The Remove and Remove All, removes the selected shortcut or all the shortcuts from the selected macro command.

Remember to click OK or press Apply to validate your changes.

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