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Options Sets



This page contains the Options Sets  information.

Options Sets are named settings which you can reuse easily through several means:

  • the Import button of the Document Options or Application Options, there you can import all the options set or a single page
  • the Open Files Comparisons box contains an Take options from: field which let you select the options set
  • one of the options set is considered to be the default option set (marked as Default in the options set list in this page). This Default options set is used when you open a new comparison with shortcut keys

This page presents the following items:

  • Options Sets  list: the list has two columns (Name and Comment). The Comment column contain either one or both of the following texts:
    • Default: this options set is the default options set
    • Being edited: this options set is edited in the pages of Options dialog box which are contained by Options Sets page
  • New: creates a new options set
  • Edit: set the selected options set as Being edited, if you modified the previously edited options set, it will propose you to discard or save these changes
  • Rename: renames the select options set
  • Set as default: set the selected options set as default

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