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Select font

The Font...  button enables you to change the font for all text files and folders content in the Ellié Computing Merge application. The foreground colour is not taken into account because Ellié Computing Merge uses font colour to mark changed items.

Display line endings

Displays the line termination characters (Carriage Return and/or Line Ending) at the end of each line. This option is only a visual effet, and does not affect the content of the text files. It may help you in understanding why files are described as different if they have identical content: they may have different line ending characters.

Display white spaces

Check this option if you want to see the white spaces and tabulation characters.

Display line numbers

When this option is checked, you will see the line numbers in the left margin, in front of each file viewer.

Display margin

When this option is checked, the bookmarks and conflict markers are visible in front of a line. Uncheck it if you want to hide the conflict markers, the conflicting areas will still be highligthed in the text views. Note: the bookmarks set on a difference area will not be visible. On unchanged lines, the bookmarks are displayed by changing the line background colour to match the bookmark.

Display ancestor when specified

When this option is checked, you will see the ancestor text file in a third column, between the source and the target views. This option applies only when the ancestor item is specified in the comparison parameters.

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