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Moving in text files



You can move in files by using the arrow keys on the keyboard, the scrollbars, the toolbar navigation icons the Go To Line dialog box. The left and right file overview graphs allows you to go quickly to interesting places of the files.

  • Toolbar buttons
Next Difference Previous Difference The Next (F7) and Previous (Shift+F7) difference buttons allow you to browse the differences
Next Conflict Previous Conflict The Next (F8) and Previous (Shift+F8) conflict buttons point you directly to the conflicts, already solved or not
Next Unresolved Conflict Previous Unresolved Conflict The Next (F9) and Previous (Shift+F9) unresolved conflict buttons browse only unresolved conflicts
  •   Macro buttons

Macros can be used to navigate within the documents. Currently, the macro buttons "Previous/Next Difference Inside Line" and "Previous/Next Difference Inside Line, skipping blanks" are provided. They can be parametered through scripting (you can add new buttons skipping other things than blanks), and you can add them shortcuts in the shortcuts panel of the Preferences.

  • Files overview graphs
Each graph represents the file that it borders, the graph represents the full file. The differences and conflicts are represented by coloured rectangles so that you can go easily to any interesting place in the file in one click.


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