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Resolving Conflicts



Once you have set the cursor on a conflict area, you can solve it.

To solve a conflict, you can:

  • double click anywhere inside a conflict text block in the comparison views
  • click in the margin on the conflict marker to make the lines replace the corresponding block of lines in the result file.
  • click on the following action icons in the top toolbar, the flying toolbar or in the popup menu displayed when you right click in any text pane:
    IMPORTANT: the contextual and the Actions menus contains more features than the toolbar.

     These icons solve the conflict by using the text respectively from the left and right file.

     These icons solve the conflict by using a combination of the left and right pane contents in the order shown by the icon (respectively left then right and right then left).

     This icon uses the ancestor content to solve the conflict.  This action is available only when the ancestor document has been specified even if it is hidden.

    This icon uses merges left and right content using in-line differentiation information (if you did not selected character or word level in the options, character level differentiation is computed on the fly). In-line conflicts are surrounded in the results with by these markers: <<< left ||| ancestor ||| right >>> (there is no interface yet to parameter the markers but they can be modified with scripting).

    See more actions in the  contextual / Actions menu.

 You can perform compound operations.  For instance, you can copy a block of lines from one side to the result, and then edit it further. This will mark the conflict as solved.

 The popup menu commands are applied on all the conflicts contained in the text selection.

Select Undo  to undo the most recent edit command, or Redo  to reapply an undone command.

The Unresolve   command changes text that has been edited, back to its original state.  It is different from Undo.  Use Unresolve when you have resolved a conflict, and you want to restore the conflict as " to be solved". All changes related to this part of text are lost (if it was edit by hand, a message box asks you to confirm).  Unresolve is enabled in the toolbar and in the Merge menu only when the cursor is located on a solved conflict.

Solved conflicts

Once a conflict was solved, the red border becomes black.

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